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At Amber Lyn we use only the finest imported Belgian Chocolate

We use Sugar Free Belgian Chocolate especially created for us by the people who invented great chocolate. It’s made from select beans, is sugar free, contains nothing artificial and the quality is unsurpassed. Yes, it costs a little more to import chocolate from Belgium. We think it’s worth it and after your first taste, you will too.


The Belgians have always been a step ahead of all the other European chocolate makers and their recipes and formulations are, to this day, the most prized and renowned. While other chocolates may claim they are “European,” only chocolate made in Belgium is acknowledged as the world’s finest. It just tastes better. Not all chocolate is created equal. Belgian chocolate is the reason why.


It all began in the steamy jungles of South America 2,000 or so years ago. In these vast rain forests grew the cacao tree, first discovered by native South Americans. The colorful pods contained seeds with a unique and unusual flavor. The ancient South American cultures, including the Maya, found that if the seeds were dried, ground, and mixed with other spices they could create a dark, frothy drink – the first hot cocoa. (Think of extra strong hot chocolate without the sugar.)

Then along came Cortez in the 1500s. Cortez and his band of Spanish Conquistadors pillaged, plundered and devastated the Maya. They also discovered the prized hot beverage made from cacao (Spanish for chocolate). They returned from South America with cacao beans in tow and soon the new drink was the toast of the town in the Spanish royal court. Within 100 years chocolate had spread throughout Europe and early chocolatiers began experimenting with varied recipes.

During the 17th century Belgium was ruled by the Spanish. The Spanish rulers brought their chocolate with them. Many members of royalty, famous artists and other celebrities of the day experienced their first sip of hot chocolate in the imposing and beautiful Grand Place in Brussels.