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For the first time in a long lifetime, I feel pampered by the food industry. Thank you, very much, for this new nibs bar, and the chocolate covered almonds, which are just sweet enough to make me feel very satisfied without feeling guilty or ill from straying from a strict diet. I will be ordering again, and very soon.
Chocoholic Eagan, MN

First let me say that your chocolates are excellent! I’m diabetic and I eat one of your chocolate bars (without nuts), everyday as part of my lunch. I have tried many manufacturers and your bars are by far the best – great tasting, smooth & creamy.
Garron L Woodland Hils, CA

The bars are heaven.
Robin Florida

My daughter introduced these to me recently and they are the best I have ever eaten. Nothing else compares.

I received the order of your truffles today- they were in perfect condition and delicious.. Thanks for making them. Thanks for making such a superb treat for those of us who must watch our carbs and sugar levels. I am a happy customer.
Will Happy Customer

I just wanted to say thank you. My husband and I tried the samples and they are the best. Also my husband is a total gourmet chocolate freak and he just loves them.
Charlotte California

When will you have a show at the Costco in Concord and Pittsburg California? I break up the dark and milk chocolate and make the best tollhouse cookies with your chocolate. I bought the chocolate for my husband who is diabetic, but the whole family enjoys them. I wish you would sell the chips at your events, that you use for sample taste. I try to get what I want at your events to save on shipping cost. Your milk chocolate truffles are wonderful also. Everything is.
Arleen E Chocoholic

Being diabetic, I think this is the best chocolate I’ve ever eaten. Thank you for coming up with chocolate that is absolutely delicious.
Tracy Diabetic

Amber Lyn got me addicted to chocolate in Washington and now we are stationed in Germany. I also have some friends who would like some.
Christy Germany

I just wanted to say what a great product you have. I love it- buy 2 or 3 boxes at a time and I tell everyone how great they are.

Amber Lyn Gourmet Chocolate is a God-send for diabetics and overweight people. They are awesome!
Leslie Nevada

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I thought I was destined to go through life chocolate-less. Now I get to enjoy a gourmet chocolate bar every single day.

Please never stop making your sugar free chocolates! I am a diabetic and NEED chocolate and now since I found your chocolate I am so happy for great tasting chocolate that taste just like chocolate with sugar but even better since it is SF! I cant tell you how happy your chocolate has made me feel! THE BEST SUGAR FREE CHOCOLATE!
Anonymous Chocoholic

We have purchased $50 a pound chocolates that were not as good as these and certainly not sugar free.
Eve Palm Desert, CA

…I bought a box of mixed sugar free chocolate bars and a bag of premium dark chocolate Almonds. Amber Lyn Chocolates is the best chocolate I have ever eaten. Since eating Amber Lyn chocolates I have been converted to a Craver.
Diane L “Craver”

THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Finally a sugar free chocolate that actually tastes like chocolate. I had given up on even trying to look for it. I was in Costco and saw the gentleman with the samples and decided it couldn’t hurt to try another one. I was preparing my mouth for the BLAH to come, when, amazing creamy richness exploded in my mouth. My sister bought me a whole box for Christmas. I’m so grateful, you guys got the recipe from heaven! Thanks again!
Charleen D Chocoholic

I love chocolate, and being Diabetic, Amber Lyn is my guilty pleasure without the guilt. No sugar and tastes even better than most sugar loaded chocolate I’ve had. Being a diabetic and loving chocolate just got a bit easier, Amber Lyn allows me to have the great taste without the sugar and the guilt.
Charles Mattocks The Poor Chef

I just wanted to let you know that you have a customer for life. Your chocolate is wonderful !! Thank you so much for making such a great tasting sugar free chocolate.
Cathy C. Satisfied Customer

I am a Diabetic type II and can no longer eat regular candy bars but with Amber Lyn my wife lets me have one half of a bar as an evening treat… Your diabetic candy is great.
Don C Prescott, AZ

Thank you… thank you… thank you for these chocolates. I have never had better diabetic chocolates. They do NOT taste like diabetic chocolates. Amazingly creamy and smooth. No waxy taste. Just amazing. Thank you…thank you…thank you.
Dana H Beaverton, OR

I was pleasantly surprised at the taste of the candy bars. I enjoyed them as much as sugar added bars. Once I go no sugar, I won’t go back. Thank you.
Luddie S Texas

These chocolates are so good, you won’t believe your bathroom scales. I ate lots of them this weekend and lost two pounds! I am very sensitive to normal alcohol sugars and can’t eat other ‘sugar free’ chocolates. The maltitol takes care of this problem beautifully. You will love love love these! Just be careful not to share them with anyone else or they’ll be gone before you can snatch them back!
Ginny Southern California

I bought the dark chocolate almonds in a Costco after trying a sample, without realizing they were sugar-free. They were the best I have ever had! It is a wonderful product.
Kim Oregon

Oh my goodness…I have always steered clear of “sugar free” anything. I sampled your chocolate at my neighborhood Costco and couldn’t believe the Dark Chocolate’s taste! I am not diabetic or obese but due to health choices I am trying to cut as much sugar out of my diet as possible. I am a Milk Chocolate Lover, so please…don’t perfect your Milk Chocolate…I may not be able to limit myself. Love the Dark Chocolate benefits…in moderation of course!!
Mags Boulder, CO

De-e-e-licious! And most importantly, you can’t taste any sugar substitutes, even if you try!
Chocolate Addict Denver, CO

Awesome chocolate – tastes so natural, with no guilt involved! I’m a fan for life.
Natalia Aurora, CO

My husband is a diabetic and has purchased many different brands of sugar free candy to feed his cravings for chocolate and he said this is the best he has ever eaten and will continue to buy only this product.
Yolie R San Diego, CA

In my quest to find a great chocolate that did not have an after taste of something un-natural… With Amber Lyn my searching is over. So glad I found you on-line.
Mary O Antelope, CA

This is the best sugar-free chocolate….This assortment is really different and everything is very good….even the stuff I thought I wouldn’t like. Hell, this is some of the best chocolate PERIOD. You will not regret the purchase.
Cyn Clifton Park, NY

We love all your Amberlyn sugar free chocolate bars. We are now waiting for you to make a cayenne hot and spicy dark chocolate bar. As soon as you do we will be first in line to try it.
C & R Carlsbad, CA

My dad, who’s diabetic, is really enjoying his father’s day gift. His favorite was the caramels. We also bought the chocolate covered almonds, which he liked. He says he can’t tell the difference between this and regular chocolate.
Anonymous for my Diabetic Dad

I sent a variety of AmberLyn chocolates to my newly diabetic boyfriend who’s suddenly developed a sweet tooth. A basket that was to last him thru the holidays lasted 7 days, and the bark was a slight fave. Quoting him “those chocolates were absolutely delicious!!” and that’s when I knew they were goners. I’ve already ordered a second basket with many, many more to come. Thank you Amber Lyn for gourmet healthy deliciousness!!
Sophie Tulsa, OK

I love, love, love this chocolate. It is better than all the other chocolate I have ever tasted and it is sugarless.
Glory Angels Camp, CA

I have a crazy sweet tooth and was always wondering if there was ever going to be a sugar free chocolate. Then I found Amber Lyn & I feel like a a kid in Wonka’s secret sugar free chocolate factory! If you are hesitating on purchasing, don’t be, your taste buds will be disappointed. I just wish there was a way to order online from Canada!
Chocoholic Canada

I am a very particular person when it comes to chocolate. I don’t just like or eat any chocolate just because it’s chocolate. A co-worker of mine gave me one of your sugar free dark chocolate tasting bites and I absolutely loved it!! It doesn’t taste like sugar free, and its very smooth for a dark chocolate which is my favorite, but some can be really bitter. Thank you for a very well made and delicious chocolate!! LOVE!!!
Melinda P Modesto, CA

As a die hard chocolate fan I have the tendency to over indulge… I love that the Tasting Bites are individually wrapped and one (or two) is all I really need to satisfy my craving.
Kim G Glendale, CA

I have been a milk chocolate person all these years. I absolutely love them. Lately, I have tried to make deliberate efforts to switch to dark chocolates for their health benefits but sugar free, I did not dare to even try them until I happened to taste one of the sugar free dark chocolates at Costco. I loved them and instantly bought the dark chocolate bites. And yes I agree that the individual packaging helps me stick to 2-3 a day.
Sukanya San Diego, CA

These will please the most discriminating chocolate lover!!!! When I shared a gift I received of these truffles with my husband, I had no idea he would become so addicted to them! Now he has to have (at least) one each day. Help, I can’t make them last very long at this rate. I don’t know how you make them taste so delicious and irresistable, but please don’t stop, I love them too!
Judy California

I just stopped by Costco in Temecula, CA to pick up some things yesterday and a young man was offering samples. I tried your chocolate and it blew me away. I bought my first bag and now am a customer for life – great job – finally a chocolate I don’t feel guilty about eating.
Bob Customer for Life