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About Amber Lyn


Is there another food with such a joyful complexity of flavors, textures, and aromas?

In a word, NO.

The whole world loves chocolate. We love it for the way it feels (that delectable melt-in-your-mouth goodness) and the way it makes us feel: happy, satisfied, romantic, comfortable, and vigorous.

At Amber Lyn we strive to make the best sugar free chocolate in the world. If the hundreds of testimonials and thousands of repeat customers are any indication, we’re headed in the right direction. It’s our passion!

Our secret, aside from our passion, is in the ingredients we use in our sugar free chocolate.

Cocoa trees on which cocoa pods grow and which contain the precious cocoa beans, grow only in areas around the equator. And even then, they’re temperamental and thrive only where there is a canopy of trees to shade and shelter them. They’re picky about where they’ll grow and we’re picky about which ones are chosen to make our chocolate.

Most of our beans come from Ghana and the Ivory Coast in West Africa. Our growers are treated according to fair trade standards and we buy only the cream of the crop. The beans are roasted and processed in Belgium by our world-renowned chocolatiers. Making good chocolate is an art and the Belgians have perfected that art above and beyond the rest. When it’s ready, not before, we bring this very special Belgian chocolate across the sea in refrigerated containers and into our facility where we make Amber Lyn Chocolate in small, carefully monitored batches.

The result is a rich, smooth, and healthier chocolate of the highest quality. And because we don’t use sugar or corn syrup, Amber Lyn Chocolate is perfect for chocolate lovers who aren’t willing to compromise taste and quality but who do want less sugar and fewer carbs in their lives.

Sugar isn’t the only ingredient left out of our chocolate. Unlike other sugar free brands, you won’t find any artificial ingredients, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or substitute oils.

Thanks for coming to our website and we hope you find a delicious treat to brighten your day, satisfy your taste buds, and kill your cravings without all the harmful sugar and artificial ingredients.