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Best Back to School Treats for Teachers

It’s almost time to fill up those backpacks and send the little ones off to school again. If you want to start the school year off right, consider sending decadent chocolates as a sweet greeting to the teacher. You don’t have to wait for teacher appreciation week or the last day of school to recognize the hard work of the teachers who keep your kids safe daily.

What are the best back-to-school treats for teachers? Delicious chocolates that taste great without compromising a teacher’s health are our top recommendation.

Sugar-Free Chocolate

Get a small basket from the dollar store and create your own gift basket filled with an assortment of sugar-free chocolate bars. You can also keep it simple by tying two or three bars together with a ribbon. Even if a teacher is following a diet, high-quality dark chocolate with no sugar should work as an occasional treat.

Chocolate Almonds

Chocolate almonds are a simple gift that teachers can grab when they have a short break during their workday. They’re also perfect for afterschool snacks because they deliver a boost of healthy fat for energy.

Chocolate Truffles

If you want to make a great first impression, you can’t go wrong with chocolate truffles. Give your child’s teacher a few truffles in a variety of delicious flavors or go with a bulk bag of truffles in one decadent flavor. You’ll give that lucky teacher a scrumptious pat on the back at the end of a hard day in the classroom.

Chocolate with Fruit  

Whether you go with chocolate truffles, chocolate bars, or a mixture of both, you will make a teacher’s day or week with a gift of fruit-enriched chocolates. Orange and raspberry are two of the best flavors to blend with chocolate, and you can select sugar-free or no-sugar-added to meet the dietary restrictions of any teacher.

At Amber Lyn Chocolates, we believe in the power of chocolate to express gratitude and appreciation. The beginning of the year is the perfect time to recognize a hardworking teacher, and our delicious chocolate bars and truffles are a great way to do it.