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Chocolate Pairings: Wine, Cheese, and More

Chocolate is a delicious, decadent treat that pairs well with many different flavors. Dark chocolate is often characterized by its intense flavor and deep notes, while milk chocolate has an indulgent sweetness that can be enjoyed with a variety of different pairings. So whether you're looking for something a little bit healthier or just indulgent, there are plenty of options for pairing dark and milk chocolate.

The Best Chocolate Pairings

When it comes to guilt-free and healthy pairings, sugar-free candy is always a smart choice. And, our specialty is just that! We want every person to be able to enjoy the delicious taste of chocolate candy, regardless of their dietary needs. So, here are a few of our favorite chocolate pairings.

Many people are fans of the combination of sweet and salty, and chocolate is no exception. Try pairing your dark chocolate with some salty popcorn, a glass of red wine, or freshly brewed coffee. Saltier flavors like pretzels, bacon, and ham also contrast nicely with the sweet, bitter chocolate taste. 

Meanwhile, creamy milk chocolate pairs perfectly with fruits - a classic combination is strawberries and cream - you could even add sliced almonds to balance the sweetness. 

Cherries or blueberries complement dark and milk chocolates nicely as well, while pears are especially good alongside chunks of creamy milk chocolate. A light dusting of sea salt on top can bring together all the flavors for a truly heavenly experience that's hard to beat! 

Milk chocolate can also pair beautifully with creamy flavors, so why not try some cheese? Creamy cheeses like brie or camembert add a velvety texture to your snack, highlighting the milk chocolate's sweetness. 

Discover Your Favorite Combinations

With so many tasty combinations out there, we hope we have inspired you to experiment yourself! You can order Amber Lyn Chocolate online and receive them right at your doorstep.