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Why Choose Amber Lyn's Chocolate Almonds?

Amber Lyn’s Delicious Chocolate Almonds

We begin with large California almonds and roast them to perfection then generously coated in Amber Lyn’s unique, tantalizing chocolate. Each small batch of our chocolate almonds carries the Amber Lyn quality promise. We are confident that you will love every bite of our delicious chocolate almonds.

Healthy Candy for Weight Loss 

Amber Lyn understands that everyone deserves a treat -- even during a weight-loss regimen. We believe in healthy candy for weight loss, and our exquisite chocolate almonds fit into a balanced diet. Our sugar-free dark chocolate adds guilt-free sweetness to a high-protein snack.

Taste testers agree: Amber Lyn’s milk chocolate almonds have such a decadent flavor you won’t be able to tell they have no sugar added. Include Amber Lyn milk chocolate almonds as a satisfying, healthy snack after a savory meal. Adding high-protein snacks, like chocolate almonds, can satisfy cravings and keep you on track toward your weight-loss goals.

Tasty Snacks With Low Net Carbs

In the ever-expanding world of low-net-carb snacks, Amber Lyn’s chocolate almonds reign supreme. Our products have no sugar added, resulting in low-sugar milk chocolate and sugar-free dark chocolate. Perfect for diabetic and low-carb diets, our chocolate almonds have as few as 2 net carbs per 1 oz. serving. Exceptional flavor and low net carbs make Amber Lyn’s chocolate almonds an increasingly popular choice for chocolate lovers. Amber Lyn’s chocolate almonds are the perfect addition to a low-carb weight loss regimen.

A New Approach to Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate

Amber Lyn produces delectable Belgian chocolate in small batches, closely monitored to ensure maximum quality. Our sugar-free dark chocolate contains only the finest ingredients, which are artfully melded by master chocolatiers. Each ingredient selected for our rich Belgian milk chocolate comes from natural—not artificial—sources. We do not add sugar to our milk chocolate or dark chocolate, creating a delicious snack that is diabetic-friendly and has low net carbs. At long last, diabetic diets can include healthy candy that tastes fantastic.